LikesXL – Global brands share their profits?

Bez-nazwy-2Introducing Likes XL – Launched October 19th

Register LikesXL here (after registration write on – you’ll get profit calclulator and strategy for LikesXL)

Please read EVERY word here… twice if you have to, so that you understand the magnitude of what is about to happen here. THIS IS BIG!!

Launched on October 19th, this will the mac daddy of all passive/NO sponsoring type programs.

A major Credit Card Company just launched the ONLY Advertising/Rev Share Platform of its kind!

Payments are every 30 minutes, with both members and corporate advertisers such as:Mercedes, Volvo, Disney Worldwide, Universal Studios, Sony, Gucci, Prada, MacDonald, Versace, Porsche, Audi, etc., to name just a few.

Their contacts, reputation, and magnitude of this project being backed by a major Credit Card company make it very attractive for these large dvertisers to get on board, and impossible for them to ignore.

Large companies collectively spend BILLIONS a year in advertising and are finally getting wise to how well the enormous online advertising model works.

Think “worldwide global scale” type huge!

You simply click 10 ads a day and are paid every 30 minutes!


  • Likes XL is based in Liechtenstein. The owner of Likes XL is a Major
  • Swiss holding company owned by a previous board member of
  • MasterCard. Another Likes XL partner owns EuropaCard, and a major
  • Credit Card provider is backing this project with a guarantee for corporate advertisers. They KNOW this is an advertisers dream and a worldwide game-changer.

One huge difference with the Likes XL platform and others of similar nature is that big companies with large advertising budgets will be advertising on this Internet based platform giving them more exposure.

The demand for traditional television, newspaper, and magazine advertising no longer works the way it used to, and these large companies know it. They MUST spend their advertising budget on marketing that pulls profit and increases their bottom line.

So in turn, the Likes XL advertising platform will house their ads, and large companies will pay you to view them because they know its

GUARANTEED advertising views for them…

…AND you’ll be rewarded if you shop through their ads too! Because when you buy, you are actually getting your money back by getting the value of your purchase turned into PR Packs…Plus you get the cool discount they offer! It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Some Features To Know About

• PR Pack (Stands for Public Relations Pack)

• Packs are 50 € (Euros)

• Pay outs are every 30 minutes

• Each PR Packs earns approximately 0.33 € every day (this does not max out and is currently earning .59 € per day!) The maximum will depend on traffic and input.

• The maximum number of PR Packs is 900!

• When you reach 900 Packs the system automatically buys you 200 additional packs per month.

• When your direct members reach 900 packs, you continue being paid 800 € (8%) per month, per person!

• Funding is easily done right on the site through credit card or bank transfer.

• Your Withdrawals are made instantly and directly to your bank account, credit card or Europacard.

• The platform is currently in pre-launch with over 11,000 individuals joined and tested.

• Platform is multi-lingual (6 languages right now)

This is pretty amazing:

In order to continue being paid on the members you bring in, the company will automatically „expire” 200 Packs and instantly replace them with 200 additional packs to you every month once a member reaches the 900 Packs cap!

This way you as an upline sponsor will get 200 X 4 €= 800 € PR

Packs per month. So 200 PR Packs expire, and 200 new ones are added every month. Absolutely Brilliant!

Now here is the MASSIVE part!

You can earn from the 900 PR Packs, not just on each of your direct referrals, but on 5 levels deep! This is called a Unilevel structure… which can go WIDE, and have UNLIMITED number of members (and paying Packs) in it.

The potential is nothing less than gargantuan, especially over time, and its growth and payouts should expand very rapidly.

Look ahead. Imagine having hit your 900 PR Packs cap, and having members who have also hit 900 PR, scattered throughout your network with commissions and bonuses flowing up to you!

These numbers continue to grow all the way down through your 5 levels with thousands of Euros coming through on a daily basis… 8% first level, 4% second level, 3% on 3rd level etc…

This Concept Is So Powerful

This will be fantastic for totally Passive earners who simply buy some PR Packs and can go on to earn daily just by viewing ads for a few minutes each day.

Because the corporate advertisers get the exposure they pay for, AND members are being paid for viewing them…

…BUT for those that see the bigger picture here it’s a total game-changer to be able to earn basically an unlimited amount of funds over and above the PR

Pack earnings.

If you choose to earn on 900 packs from 5 levels, it’s a decision that you will be grateful you didn’t walk away from.

This is catching fire FAST and waiting will cost you!

Lock in a position now before the public learns about it.


(after registration write on – you’ll get profit calculator and strategy for LikesXL)

From One Of Our Leaders:

“This is a game-changer, with monster long-term money to be made.

This Major CC that we all know has now pre-launched their own Advertising Platform / Revenue Share last Saturday, starting from The Netherlands. I was there and was amazed by what they have created. As you know, I have years of experience in this area.

This Major Company has partnered up with giants like Mercedes, Volvo, Disney Worldwide, Universal Studios, Sony, Gucci, Prada, MacDonalds, Versace, Porsche, Audi, etc etc., to name just a few. These companies are paying millions in advertising each year and they will pay many millions to this new platform for people to simply view their ads and their offers.

It has been thoroughly tested in Norway for over 3 months with 8000 people. Launch will be on 19th of October. But we can already start registering members and building (5 levels unilevel).

PR packs Never Expire and cost 50 € each. They will pay between 0.35 € and 1.20 € every day beginning on launch day. Plus we get bonuses paid now down to 5 levels deep in a unilevel referrals structure. More substantial bonuses will be paid on purchases made through the site.

This is the time to register and start telling all your people about this HUGE opportunity. I have not seen anything like this in all my 10 years of online marketing!”


(after registration write on – you’ll get profit calculator and strategy for LikesXL)

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